WordPress redirect loop with CloudFlare Flexible SSL

If you have ever ran into this issue you’ll find that you are not alone. There are a number of plugins available that supposedly fix the problem but if you’re like me you hate to install to many plugins. If you are using Nginx/PHP-FPM you can forgo the plugin route and fix this issue before  … Read more

Rate Limiting With Nginx – Slow Down Website Scans

If you have ever tailed your access logs (eg. tail -f /var/log/nginx/access.log) you may have seen some bad bot signs such as rapid requests for exploitable WordPress plugins or brute forcing logins on your site. The first obvious defence of course is having strong passwords and up to date WordPress files. (from the base install  … Read more

Nginx Static File Cache Control

You can boost your site’s performance by letting visitors browsers know it should cache your static files. Nginx can be configured to set the “Expires” and the “max-age“ directive of the “Cache-Control” HTTP response headers for static files (eg. images, style sheets, javascript) it serves up to a date in the future. This allows browsers  … Read more