List installed PHP packages on Ubuntu and Debian

If you have ever found yourself wondering what PHP packages are installed on a Debian or Ubuntu server you can run the following from the command line. dpkg –get-selections [email protected]:~$ dpkg –get-selections | grep php libapache2-mod-php5 install php-pear install php5-cli install php5-common install php5-curl install php5-dev install php5-gd install php5-mcrypt install php5-memcached install php5-mysql install  … Read more

Chrooted SFTP on Ubuntu Hardy AMD64 using RSSH

I was in need of providing SFTP access for an Ubuntu Hardy AMD64 setup. After some trial and error with the varied information returned by the search engines I was able to get this working. Once finished with the steps below you’ll be able to provide SFTP accounts to semi trusted users who need access  … Read more